Places known by their Alternate Name....

Places Known by Other names

Battleground of Europe -------------------- Belgium

Blue Mountains of India -------------------- Nilgiri Hills

City of Light -------------------- Paris

City of Palaces -------------------- Kolkata, Indiabelgium

City of Joy -------------------- Kolkata, India

City of Golden Gate -------------------- San Francisco

City of Seven Hills -------------------- Rome

City of Golden Temple -------------------- Amritsar, India

Cock Pit of Europe -------------------- Belgium

Dark Continent -------------------- Africa

Diamond City in India -------------------- Surat, Gujarat

Eternal City -------------------- Rome

Forbidden City -------------------- Lhasa, Tibet

Granite City -------------------- Aberdeen, Scotland

Garden City of India -------------------- Bangalore

Gift of Nile -------------------- Egypt

Island of Pearls -------------------- Bahrain

Land of Golden Fleece -------------------- Australia

Land of Kangaroo -------------------- Australiaegypt

Land of Cakes -------------------- Scotland

Land of Thousand Lakes -------------------- Finland

Land of Golden Pagoda -------------------- Myanmar

Land of Midnight Sun -------------------- Norway

Land of Thousand Elephants -------------------- Laos

Land of Rising Sun -------------------- Japan

Land of Maple -------------------- Canada

Land of Canals -------------------- Netherlands

Land of White Elephant -------------------- Thailand

Land of Windmills -------------------- Netherlands

Land of Thunderbolt -------------------- Bhutan

Land of Long White Cloud -------------------- New Zealand

Manchester of Japan -------------------- Osaka

Playground of Europe -------------------- Switzerland

Pearl of Antilles -------------------- Cuba

Queen of Arabian Sea -------------------- Cochin, Indiashillong

Roof of World -------------------- Pamirs

Sick Man of Europe -------------------- Turkey

Sugar Bowl of World -------------------- Cuba

Sorrow of China River -------------------- Hwang Ho

Scotland of East -------------------- Shillong, India

White city -------------------- Belgrade

Venice of East -------------------- Alappuzha, Kerala

Venice of North -------------------- Stockholm