Usman khan

What is the best product for a pimples for me?

I am 23 year old male. I have pimples all over my face. I want to get rid of them all. I have tried all sorts of skin care products, but nothing seemed to work. Can anyone please suggest an effective skin care routine?

2019-08-17 19:56:17

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Ellina John

In some people acne is caused or worsened by dairy, wheat and sugar. You could try to eliminate those for a while and see if it gets better.

You can wash your face with something that contains salicylic acid, that helps. And then apply a benzoyl peroxide cream but careful use only white towels/bedsheets as it contains some bleaching agent.

If everything fails the best medication is Accutane, but you have to get them from a dermatologist.

Ellina Tirkey

It is Benzoyl peroxide based cream. It controls breakouts and helps in eradication of scars and pigments. On the Spot Acne Treatment is easily absorbed by the skin, is the perfect cream for oily skin, and can be used anytime

Ellina Tirkey

The kind of options you utilize depends upon the kind of ailment. If there is no open pore, and the skin contains only red bumps minus open pores, then only creams will suffice. However, in case the pores are open along with considerable presence of acne, then application of cream or ointment coupled with medicines and tablets will offer the best solution.


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